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ERPTaxpert, Ltd.


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ERPTaxpert, Ltd. has implemented the highest quality and most compliant sales & use tax solutions in North America by paying close attention to the details and nuances that are so often overlooked during the fast paced and hectic implementation cycle.

We work closely with your primary implementation partners to facilitate a smooth go-live, but we are also your advocate and voice on the implementation team to insure that the tax solution is the best that it can be and that the final outcome is not compromised in favor of arbitrary deadlines or to meet project timelines that don't recognize the pervasive and unique nature of the Sales & Use tax component.

We have lead between 40 and 60 full implementations while doing extensive consultation on scores of other projects, in support of the primary consultants or project team. In addition - we have performed extensive work, backing up the major ERP vendors' own help desk, since the Sales & Use tax component is so specialized that very few of their support personell can address the issues that are sometimes presented to them.

Our customers typically have such complex and unique tax requirements that every single ERP implementation is a "one off" and custom solution.

Having more experience than any other implementor in this niche market, we can pull in the necessary component parts from our vast repository of "lessons learned" and actual elements that have been constructed elsewhere to ease the cost, testing, pain and cycle time for YOUR implementation.